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Approaching the Waterfront and Sheep

A Jaunt to Iceland

We’d been hoping to take this trip out to Europe for about 5 years. Back when we started searching, we heard about an airline that had an “Iceland stopover”. Wow, what a cool idea to stop in Iceland on your way across the pond! It…

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Maria making her way through the beans

Coffee Tour in Costa Rica

Over the weekend, we took a trip to the Bela Pitina Waterfall. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot, we saw coffee beans drying on some nearby tables. I snapped a quick photo and we made our way through the garden towards the…

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Rodeo Road view of snow-capped mountains

Red Lodge Montana

When we were getting ready to leave Pennsylvania, we really didn’t know where we’d head next. Of course, many of you know its about the time we usually go to Costa Rica but both of us had to renew our passports for another 10 years,…

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Chiky, our 1988.5 Suzuki Samurai

Visiting the Osa Peninsula

During our times in CR, we’ve always heard of the biodiversity and beauty in the Osa but we were always deterred by the distance to get us there. We found a property that peaked our interest and with our newly acquired car, nicknamed Chiky, we…

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Maria gives Neil a smooch while looking out over Gustavia

St Barths on the Cheap

During our time on Sint Maarten, celebrating Maria’s 40th birthday, we decided to take the ferry over to the world famous St Barths for the day. Recreation spot for the rich and famous, we were a little apprehensive about going since we are neither of…

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Maria and Neil wearing life vests

Puerto Viejo and Bocas del Toro

Maria and Neil Celebrate 19 years! We arrived in Costa Rica in December of 2018 and, according to our tourist visa, our 90th and final day was approaching. We wanted to stay longer, so we needed to figure out how to reset our time here.

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Seattle Adventures

This entry begins our new series of The Maria and Neil World Tour! We know how much all of you enjoy reading our entries so we apologize for the delay. Without further ado, the month of September! We had decided sometime around June that we…

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