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Oh The Places We'll Go

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Traveling the World, Sharing our Experiences and Advice

Hi! We're Maria & Neil, pulling our blue and red bags behind us while we travel around the world. Thanks for joining us!

We love to travel and since 2015 weʼve done just that, Travel! We set out on this adventure after taking a 5 week live/work vacation to Costa Rica just to see if it could be done. You know, living, working and experiencing a new culture in far and away places. Well it was a success because when we got back people (including our coworkers) couldnʼt believe it had already been 5 weeks. We decided to wrap up our lives in San Francisco and hit the road. Where to, you ask? Well that will soon unfold.

Weʼve found this traveling lifestyle to be pretty helpful when you suddenly find out about that wedding, remember your brother (niece, nephew, family member) is graduating, or just feel like chasing summer all year long. So wonʼt you join us on our current Adventure and maybe even read up on a few of the places weʼve been?

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